How Often Should You Post Updates?

Are you posting too much, too little, or just right? Everyone has an updating frequency sweet spot, they just need to find it.   Posting updates to a blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever social network group you belong to each have their own nuanced behaviors, but here are a couple of helpful hints to guide your urge to update:

  1. Only post when you have something to say – enough said.
  2. Don’t be a stream hog – too many posts over a short period of time tend to dominate a readers update stream; and that’s annoying.
  3. If posting updates gets in the way, then you’re posting too often – if you’re posting updates obsessively during family meals, dating, talking to your spouse, driving, or instead of paying attention to personal hygiene, then you’re posting too often.
  4. More posts can get you more traffic, links, views, followers, etc… up to a point (see #2) – Sure, assuming you have lots of interesting, insightful, useful, funny, or outrageous stuff to share, frequent updates will keep you’re audience more engaged. But don’t over do it.

In other words, yeah, it’s mostly common sense.