Marketing in the Present

Wow, the world of marketing and PR has changed so much in the last few years. It’s no longer an option to rely on traditional means of advertising and communications to get out your message. In fact, you are no longer in control of your message.

For anyone trying to grow a business, trying to communicate with customers, it’s time to embrace the current state of affairs. This means letting go and reaching out using new strategies, tools, tactics and technologies. It’s not about announcements, broadcasts, or controlled messages. It’s a conversation. And how do you start this conversation?

A great conversation begins by having something to share that’s interesting, engaging, provocative. Next, you need to be responsive and remain alert as these conversations emerge, spread, and evolve. Whether you start such conversations yourself, or not, you need to participate in them. Start one, find one, change one, just be part of the conversation.

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